Bonfire Baked Potatoes and Savoury Sea Salts

Take your bonfire baked potatoes from bland to brilliant with these simple, yet inspiring sea salt’s, housed in Bonne Maman Mini Jars.

Satisfy those tastebusts with homemade Dukkah Salt, Cep Salt, Lemon and Rosemary Salt, and Seaweed Salt. The salts make a perfect gift for those who keep herbs and spices around their households.

Dukkah Salt

A nutty spice that is the perfect sprinkled on hummus, roasted califlower or on grilled lamb.

Add 1 tsp dukkah and grind together until well blended.

Egyptian Dukkah can be bought in supermarkets or it’s easy to make your own.

Cep Salt

The perfect little addition to home-made chicken soup, risotto, grilled steak or frites.

Add 1 dried cep (Italian porcini). Grind together until the mushroom is reduced to a rough powder through the salt.

Cep mushrooms are often used fresh or dried in French dishes, for their delicious, umami-rich flavours. Buy them fresh in the autumn or dried all year round.

Seaweed Salt

The perfect addition to a hot bowl of ramen noodles, perfectly season grilled salmon or a piece of poached chicken.

Add 1 sheet of dried nori. Grind together until the nori is roughly the same size as the salt grains.

Lemon & Rosemary

A Fresh and Zesty salt that can be added to roast chicken, steamed rice or griled goat’s cheese.

Add the finely grated zest of a small lemon and 1 tbsp fresh rosemary leaves. Grind together for 1-2 minutes.

Smokey Chipotle Chilli Salt

Perfect for all things barbecued, sprinkled on mac ‘n’ cheese, or stirred into home-made baked beans.

Add 1 tsp chipotle chilli flakes and ½ tsp smoked paprika. Whizz or grind together.

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