Handmade Bonne Maman Christmas Advent Calendar

With just 6 weeks to go until Christmas, anticipation is starting to build and all sorts of different Advent calendars are appearing in the shops. For something a little more personalised, Bonne Maman's mini pots are just the right size to create your very own pretty countdown calendar, for you and your family...

First of all – enjoy your Bonne Maman jam and collect 26 of our sweet 30g jars (if you don't have quite enough, minis are available in packs of 12 in four flavours of conserves and marmalade online).

Wash out your jars and soak in warm soapy water to remove the labels.

Now to the numbering – the choice is yours to personalise as you wish. Perhaps use circular sticky labels, or draw a template and cut from thick card or sticky backed plastic. Once you've chosen your colour scheme and font style - write, draw or stencil on the numbers 1 – 25 and then stick one on to each lid.

Fill with your selection of small sweeties and arrange carefully in a prettily decorated box, garden trug, tray or basket as suits your theme this year.

For something a little different, why not tie each mini jar with festive string, in a row and hang from a Christmas garland or similar over the mantlepiece...

However you choose to display your stylish Bonne Maman Advent Calendar jars, make sure you only open one a day - remember, the main feast is coming on December 25th!

If you create a Bonne Maman Advent Calendar this year, do send us a picture, we would love to share them on our Facebook page.

If arts and crafts don't appeal, then do take a look at the brand new Bonne Maman Christmas Advent Calendar, filled with new and exciting conserve and marmalade flavours for the ultimate Bonne Maman Countdown to Christmas

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