Christmas Breakfast with Bonne Maman

There’s no doubt that Christmas is the most social time of the year and expectations for outstanding food when visiting friends or relatives are high. So, when hosting the pressure of lots of mouths to feed can feel rather overwhelming. However, Bonne Maman's ample recipes using their famous conserves, compotes and marmalades means that this is no longer a problem.

Our suggestion, mix it up! Make Christmas breakfast the new Christmas dinner…

Start the day by filling all your guests stomachs with the most delicious breakfast, both sweet and savoury!

Bonne Maman’s Breakfast Savoir-faire cookery book offers a refreshing look at the first meal of the day and some perfect recipes which are tailored to those family get-togethers and special occasions, like Christmas.

Such as...

The ‘full French’ – serves 6

There are occasions, especially when friends or family are staying, when nothing but a cooked breakfast will do. Try this all-in-one breakfast, which features all the star ingredients – but with a French twist – and is baked in the oven in one pan.

Tear & share brioche – serves 10 to 12

Soft and light, buttery brioche is a classic French bread. This one is golden and rich, with fruity conserve and a pinch of sea salt. Delicious and easy to pull apart, it’s best enjoyed with extra conserve, crème fraîche and friends.

For these recipes and more, the Bonne Maman Breakfast Savoir-faire cookery book is available in paperback on Amazon , Waterstones and Foyles bookstores for £9.99.

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