Deck the Halls with... Bonne Maman

Deck the Halls with... Bonne Maman

Every Bonne Maman jar needs a home this Christmas...

Don't let empty Bonne Maman jars go to waste. A hall table or sideboard can really sparkle with a beautiful homemade Christmas centrepiece.

For lanterns – take some waxed brown paper – or chose another lining to suit your colour scheme. Cut to fit the inside of the jar. Stencil on your chosen messages and then get creative with stars, glitter and sparkles. You may even want to cut some pretty festive shapes or pierce with a skewer (from the glass facing side) to add a starry effect when lit. When happy with your decoration, circle these loosely inside each jar and fix with a touch of sticky tape. Add some wire and festive string or ribbon and then place one battery tea light in each.

Turn your minis into informal candle holders.

For stability, stick the glass to the inside of the lid with a little candle wax; then settle your candle in to the jar on a little warm candle wax too. Of course, do take great care not to ever leave the candles unattended when lit.

The lanterns are also a great way to light your path to the front door or decorate trees and bushes in the garden for Christmas Day itself.

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