Blossom with Bonne Maman

Blossom with Bonne Maman

With longer summer days comes more sunshine and of course the ever-more beautiful British wild flower season is upon us once more.

Next time you are on a country stroll keep an eye out for the following wild blossoms that will make up the perfect wild flower bouquet - all you’ll need is a Bonne Maman jar.

An iconic British wildflower is the Daffodil. Flowering in most meadows, woodlands, gardens and even roadsides our native wild daffodil will make the perfect sunny addition to any wild flower assortment.

Flowering from June to September, the gorgeously perfumed Honeysuckle will liven up any summer bouquet, with trumpet-shaped orange and red flowers to stretch tall out of your Bonne Maman jars. Find it in woodlands and twining itself around trees, plants and shrubs within hedgerows. For any of the superstitious among you Honeysuckle has also long been believed to prevent witches from entering the home…

For a scent filled bouquet, have a hunt for the Early Purple Orchid. A strongly scented and deep purple flower, this orchid is now less abundant in Britain, but a good search through meadows and woodlands should do the trick.

Fill out your bouquets by heading to a woodland area where Ramsons, or wild garlic, will be blooming in the Spring sunshine. These offer the perfect bright white, starry flowers to complement a wild flower bouquet, and using a range of different sized stems adds some height to the bunch. Other beautiful white flowers in bloom this summer are the Wood anemone and Wood sorrel; these grow abundantly in woodland areas, particularly near deciduous trees and shrubs!

Happy picking- we’re rooting for you!

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