Halloween with Bonne Maman

Halloween with Bonne Maman

The nights are drawing in and All Hallows Eve is on the horizon….. so we have some scrumptiously spooky recipes and crafts for you - and any mini ghouls and witches at home - to sink fangs into for Halloween….

Toffee Apples

As well as Apple Bobbing, making your own Toffee Apples is a fun activity for family and friends as well as a delicious Halloween party favour!

Get ahead by simply placing the ingredients needed for your Toffee Apples into an empty Bonne Maman jar et voila – no tricks… all treats!

Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa Cakes are a classic family favourite, so why not make your own to serve for your Halloween festivities. Spongey base topped with a juicy orange centre, coated in smooth chocolate… friends and family will love them! Recipe Here.

Strawberry Cinnamon Flapjacks

Deliciously sweet, cinnamon spiced oaty flapjack, sandwiched together with Bonne Maman’s juicy Strawberry Conserve. Easy to make ahead and freeze or bake fresh on the day. Cut into bite sized pieces these look a treat kept and served in an upcycled Bonne Maman jar. Recipe Here.

You can also use your empty Bonne Maman jars to create spooky and spectacular decorations...

Halloween Tealights

You will need: 1. Black paper 2. PVA glue 3. Tealights 4. Empty Bonne Maman jars

Cut out your choice of Halloween inspired shape on the black paper. Alternatively you can print out a template, cut it out and draw around the edges of the black paper.

Then put some PVA glue on the black paper and stick it to your Bonne Maman jar. Place the tealight or battery candle into the jar and then place them around the house and by your front door to keep the pumpkins company and keep all those evil spirits at bay.

RIP Jars

Scarily good, this simple dessert fits the theme…

You will need: 1. Digestive biscuits (or any plain biscuit of choice) 2. Edible pen 3. Your choice of easy make chocolate dessert (such as angel delight) 4. Chocolate cookies

Fill up your empty Bonne Maman jar with chocolate dessert and top with crumbled chocolate cookies. Using your edible pen, decorate the digestive biscuit with ‘RIP’ and place into the dessert.

Bon Appétit et BOO!

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