July 16th is National Cherry Day!

Perhaps you have never considered cherries as something worth celebrating. Cherries are delicious, versatile and Bonne Maman has lots of suggestions of how to enjoy them. Did you know cherries are a symbol of good fortune? The average cherry tree has around 7000 cherries, so if you are lucky enough to have your own tree you are very fortunate!

Bonne Maman’s guide to a Merry Cherry Day!


Yoghurt? Granola? Porridge? Baked Oats? Bursting with delicious whole cherries, Bonne Maman’s Cherry Compote is a versatile breakfast ingredient and can be used to top yoghurt, swirled through granola and porridge or even used in baked oats too! The Cherry Compote also tastes wonderful alone and it can be difficult to resist taking a spoon to the jar…


Bonne Maman Black Cherry Conserve filled with cherries is luscious, aromatic and packed with the rich ripe flavour of the finest cherries! Utterly delicious slathered on toast, in a soft French bread sandwich, or accompanied with cheese to combine the sweetness of the conserve with the salty savoury flavours of the fromage. Black Cherry is the perfect addition to a leisurely lunch!

After Lunch Snack:

Are you after a moreish treat to tide you over? Sumptuous and intensely fruity Morello Cherry Yoghurt with almost 22% of juicy pieces of cherry mixed with thick and creamy natural yoghurt is the perfect after lunch treat! Morello Cherries offer a more tangy flavour than shop bought cherries, meaning Bonne Maman’s Morello Cherry Yoghurt is distinct in flavour and entirely moreish. This Bonne Maman fruit yoghurt offers an indulgent treat perfect to savour after lunch, or after dinner. With a much higher fruit content than the average yoghurt, Morello Cherry is luscious, indulgent and filling.

After Dinner Treat:

Sometimes a simple hassle free dessert that doesn’t compromise on flavour is exactly what the doctor ordered. Bonne Maman’s NEW Red Fruit Tarte is made to an authentic French recipe, combining tangy red fruits - cherries, strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, blueberries and redcurrants – with soft, buttery pastry, gently baked for a delectable multi-sensory experience. The rich colour and zingy flavour can be attributed to the high quantity of cherries; more than any other quantity of fruit in the tarte! The perfect way to end your Cherry Day on a high.

Baking with cherries: If you are looking for something even more adventurous. There are so many ways to bake using cherries! Check out these links to some Bonne Maman cherry based recipes worth trying.

Cherry Cream Choux

Cherry and Chocolate Meringue Cake

Spiced Berry Compote

Summer Berry Brioche

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