Seasonal gifts

Seasonal gifts

Making homemade gifts is one of the many loving ways of giving at Christmas and the most appreciated too...

Fill Bonne Maman jars with homemade fudge, pale green peppermint creams, a variety of sweets, little star-shaped biscuits, spiced nuts and other seasonal treats.

Decorate the pretty lids with co-ordinating ribbons and yuletide-themed trimmings, and create some beautifully personalised labels to make your gifts extra special.

And, after all the delicious treats have been eaten, the jar can be used again. Just look at our 'Be Inspired' page for ideas!

Our Christmas Shortbread with Strawberry Conserve recipe is perfect for filling up a Bonne Maman jar for someone.

When making these shortbread or any other biscuit during the Christmas period, be sure to use festive-shaped cutters, such as a star or angel mould, to maximise the Christmas effect.

Alternatively, if you don't want to give these these jars of treats away, simply place them around the kitchen for anyone to help themselves to and enjoy!

Joyeux Noël!

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