Spice It Up

| You can make a bold style statement with this simple but effective idea for storing herbs and spices. Jars filled with the different colours and shapes of favourite flavourings such as cinnamon sticks, mace, pink and green peppercorns, cloves and star anise will give a unique look and ambience to a kitchen or walk in storage cupboard or food preparation area.

Simply attach Bonne Maman lids to the underside of a shelf, fill the jars and screw ‘upwards’ in place for an eye-catching and easy-to-use kitchen feature.

This same principle works really well for handymen and women too – simply fill with bolts, screws, widgets, nails, batteries, super glue tubes etc and transfer to the garage or workshop. Then you will always be able to put your hand on that vital picture hook just when you need it!


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