Sumptuous Spring Bakes

Sumptuous Spring Bakes

These Spring time bakes with fresh and citrus flavours are the perfect addition to your Easter celebrations. Maybe enjoy a slice - or two - to top off an Easter lunch or as part of a special Afternoon Tea, or just as a celebration of the Spring flowers blooming... after all, you don't need an excuse to bake or eat cake!

Vanilla & Almond Plum Cake

A fresh flavoured sponge cake layered with Bonne Maman Mirabelle Plum Conserve, spread with creamy ricotta frosting and decorated with flower petals and rosemary to give it the true Spring look. You can also opt for our Peach or Apricot Conserve if you prefer. This cake it not only beautiful, but it is utterly delicious! Recipe here.

Lemon & Raspberry Meringue Tart

Citrusy, buttery lemon curd mixed in with juicy raspberries on a biscuit crumb base topped with caramelised meringue… what’s not to love? This recipe is a perfect size for big Easter celebrations, but for smaller family festivities, simply half the quantities. You can even try different variations through the Spring season by using a mix of summer berries or ginger biscuits for the base. Recipe here.

Lemon & Passion Fruit Drizzle Cake

This delectably moist – and easy – Lemon and Passion fruit Drizzle Cake is great to get the kids involved in… it always helps to have more hands for all the mixing! Delicious sweet, citrusy and almond mixture drizzled with lemon curd and passion fruit, finally sprinkled with passionfruit seeds and pistachios… et viola! If you don’t have a bundt tin, it bakes equally well in a loaf or deep sandwich tin. Recipe here.

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