Storage Made Simple

Regarded by many as the most important meal of the day...

...everyone has their favourite breakfast – a slice of toast and marmalade, warm fresh croissants with jam, pancakes and Caramel Spread or their favourite homemade muesli recipe. A selection of ingredients for each person to create their own preferred assortments becomes easy once the storage of Bonne Maman jars is brought into play.

"...allow everyone to pick and choose their own perfect recipe."

Use the larger compote jars to store the oats, bran and flakes – toasted or otherwise. Keep mixed nuts, seeds, dried fruit and a medley of different toppings in the standard size jars and allow everyone to pick and choose their own perfect recipe. Just add some fresh fruit or a spoonful or two of Bonne Maman Rhubarb, Cherry, Apricot or Peach compote, some milk or yoghurt and voila! A naturally great and totally personalised way to start the day.


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