Summer Indulgence

Summer Indulgence

Now available in four intensely fruity flavours – Rhubarb & Strawberry, Violet Fig, Morello Cherry and the very latest, Raspberry & Blackberry - the Bonne Maman large pot yoghurts are pure indulgence.

Containing far more fruit than other yoghurts, they are very simply made with creamy natural yoghurt gently folded through with lots of pieces of juicy, ripe fruit.

Whilst a luscious bowl of any of these fruity delights makes a wonderfully satisfying treat throughout the day, these yoghurts also make gorgeous, quick and simple summer desserts. Perfect to share at a family gathering or serve at al fresco suppers with friends….

  • perhaps serve with some shortbread biscuits, langue de chats or financiers for added crunch…
  • mix with crushed meringues and added fruit for a lighter take on an Eton Mess,
  • or use as a fruity dip for fresh fruit skewers …
  • maybe layer with fruit and granola in individual glasses for delicious Parfaits
  • and Morello Cherry in particular layers very well with a chocolate sponge or Chocolate Madeleine

So this summer, indulge yourself and however you choose to serve the new Bonne Maman Fruit Yoghurts, enjoy!

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