Summer Lanterns

Summer Lanterns

Everyone has their favourite way of spending long, balmy summer evenings. This year, let our Bonne Maman conserve and compote jars light up your summer by creating gorgeous outdoor lanterns for your garden...

The most wonderful thing about summer is being able to spend evenings outside soaking up the last rays of the warm, summer sunshine. Creating a cosy, outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining guests is the best way to make the most out of the summer weather.

We know that many of you have lovely creative ways of using your Bonne Maman jars, and these outdoor lanterns are another to add to the list! They are the perfect garden accessory to illuminate outdoor tables, garden pathways or even window and balcony ledges.

You’ll only need some garden wire, tea light candles and fresh petals or potpourri. Start by removing the lids from the jars and placing them to the side. Take a long piece of wire and tie it around the bottom edge of the lip of the jar, doubling up to make sure it’s secure. Twist the wire over itself securing tightly and then twist into an arch shape over the top of the jar. This will form the handle and can be as long or as short as you like. Loop this wire through the wire on the opposite side and pull through in a loop back to the arch, then twist the two wire strands together tightly until it is secure to lift up. These lanterns also look great hanging in small trees, though please ensure they are fastened securely, perhaps securing them underside too, and of course do not leave them unattended.

"For a romantic effect, fill the jars two thirds of the way up with water and float the candles in the top. Let the fresh petals or potpourri float around the outer edges of the candle to keep it in the middle of the jar. Stand-alone candles can be put straight into the jars - the mini jars look particularly sweet, and lay them out to create the perfect dinner by candlelight atmosphere"

We’d love to see how you’ve used your outdoor lanterns…send us your lovely pictures directly or via Facebook @BonneMamanUK

Bon soirée…

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