Summer Succulents in Bonne Maman Jars

Hold on to empty Bonne Maman jars and turn them into the perfect upcycled gift. These jarred succulents are one of the coolest current home trends making them a perfect addition to your house or a simple yet impressive handmade present idea.

Use the iconic empty Bonne Maman jars to plant some succulents with artistically layered sand and gravel to create an eye-catching bit of home decor. Best of all, they require very little maintenance.

Trays of succulents and the materials used to plant them are available at most garden centres, or can be ordered online. Get imaginative with the layering of coloured sand and gravel to make your succulent presentation extra striking. Use a variety of the different sized Bonne Maman jars including mini jams or larger compotes to create levels for a collection of succulents together.

Succulents are low maintenance, but not no maintenance. So here are some tips to make sure your succulents thrive...

  • Don't give them too much sun. Place them by a window or in a garden room where full sun is available for at least two or three hours a day.
  • Water them. Contrary to common belief, you won’t kill your succulents by watering them regularly, especially during the active growing season. The key is to wait for the soil to become dry between waterings so that the roots can breathe.
  • Don’t be afraid to prune. Never be reluctant to prune or shape succulents if they become unruly.

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