The Bonne Maman Cricket Tea - Shopping List

You can get all of this cricket tea list at most major supermarkets (there should be tea, sugar, orange squash in the pavilion, but check and add to the list if you need them). Check any dietary requirements. If there is any doubt weather-wise, immediately before shopping ring or text the team captain and check the match is still on!

Use this sample shopping list:

Two large loaves and 2 dozen finger rolls or crusty rolls

Butter or Margarine: two x 250g tubs

Cheddar cheese

Smoked Ham or Corned beef: about 20 slices

1 dozen sausages

6 large hard-boiled eggs

Medium cucumber or 2 tubs mustard cress

2 tins tuna

1 tin sweetcorn

6 tomatoes

1 small lettuce

1 small jar mayonnaise

4 jars Bonne Maman Chutney

2 dips, e.g. soured cream and chive and salsa

Other savouries - sausage rolls / frozen pack of 50/100 cocktail sausages

Two large packs of crisps or tortilla chips

Six-pack mini scotch eggs and / or mini pork pies

Cake ingredients and fillings

Assorted Bonne Maman conserves

Bonne Maman Lemon Curd

Bonne Maman chilled mousses and crèmes

Milk: three pints plus a non-dairy option

You will also need:

A bit of time, space and possibly some willing helpers. Making sandwiches and cakes for around thirty will require a couple of hours of preparation at home and a couple of hours the morning of the match. Enough room in your ‘fridge for trays of sandwiches and anything else you’ve bought or made that needs keeping fresh. Enough room in the freezer for the frozen snacks. Clingfilm: seal those sandwiches quickly to keep them fresh.

Start making the tea at about 25 overs, depending on how the game is going. Chat to the players they will tell you if you need to rush! Lay out everything and remember cups and plates/napkins. Put out some squash and tumblers.

Pour the tea and enjoy!

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