Voted Number One Glass Jar

Voted Number One Glass Jar

We are delighted that the Bonne Maman jar was voted the number one glass jar by Kate Jones (@my_plastic_free_home) Instagram followers. Thank you to everyone who participated!

To celebrate the UN International Year of Glass 2022, Friends of Glass launched the Glass' Greatest Hits Campaign to discover Britain's top iconic glass bottle or jar. Experts were asked to vote together to decide on the UK's favourite glass packaging with the judging panel consisting of experts in packagaing, manufacturing, retail and plastic-free living. Although the classic milk bottle won the votes, the public did not agree...

Kate Jones - who runs the Instagram account @my_plastic_free_living and was part of the judging panel - asked her followers to get involved and choose their favourite glass packaging from the top 10 list. Bonne Maman jars took number one spot!

"The Bonne Maman jar is a worthy winner. Not only is it instantly recognisable, it's also a top tier jar for reusing around the home" said Kate Jones.

Joe Cadman, from Friends of Glass, said:

"Both the Bonne Maman jar and the milk bottle each highlight in their unique own way, the wonderful reusability, recyclability and simple beauty that glass bottle and jars bring into our lives"

... We couldn't agree more! For inspiration on how you can reuse your empty Bonne Mama jars see our Be Inspired section here.

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