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Like many traditions and festivities, Mothering Sunday began with a religious purpose. Held on the fourth Sunday in Lent, it was a originally a day to honour and give thanks to the Virgin Mary, also known as Mother Mary. Celebrations required people to visit their 'mother' church - the main church or cathedral in a family's area. The spread of Christianity throughout Europe in the 16th century increased the celebrations and firmly put Mothering Sunday on the calendarMothering Sunday has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent, in the UK and Ireland, since the 16th century.

The celebration occurs a little later in France, usually around the end of May. The origins of Mothering Sunday in France are believed to have stemmed from the Napoleonic Era where in 1806, the French emperor announced a special day to recognise mothers of large families and then in 1950 a special law was created to dedicate the day as an official tribute to mothers…

Start her day with the very best breakfast in town – a glorious combination of new Bonne Maman Rhubarb and Strawberry Conserve with a delicious spread of freshly baked croissants, toast or crusty French bread.

The care and attention of a handmade gift can say so much, try these easy to make, adorable Zesty Lemon, Thyme and Mirabelle Minis - using new Bonne Maman Mirabelle Plum Conserve for a sweet pick me up for hardworking Mum! Why not spoil your marvellous Mum with a homemade teatime treat by baking her this delicious Strawberry Pimms Showstopper cake, using Bonne Maman Strawberry & Wild Strawberry conserve. Or perhaps use Bonne Maman’s new Rhubarb and Strawberry Conserve for an even more sumptuously sweet taste, serve with a glass of Prosecco and toast your loving mum!

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