Christmas Crafts with Bonne Maman

Don't let your empty Bonne Maman jars go to waste. A hall table or sideboard can really sparkle with a beautiful homemade Christmas centrepiece.

Try repurposing your Bonne Maman jars to make beautiful, colourful, floral centrepieces this year.

Perfect for posies, holly, Christmas red roses and ferns, get creative and make your table truly spectacular or give as a gift and brighten up a friend's home.

Decorate the jars with festive ribbon or fill with baubles as well as flowers to make the jars really stand out.

To make beautiful festive lanterns, take some waxed brown paper and cut it to fit the inside of the jar. Stencil on your chosen messages and then get creative with stars, glitter and sparkles. Circle your decoration loosely inside each jar and fix with a touch of sticky tape. Add some wire and festive string or ribbon and then place one battery tea light in each. This is a lovely activity to do with all the family and looks beautiful anywhere in the house.

Empty Bonne Maman jars also make for perfect storage for all your Christmas wrapping decorations as well as great places to store childrens crafty bits and bobs. A great way to keep everything neat whilst also looking pretty.

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