Colour your Crêpe Creations from Top Food Bloggers

Bonne Maman has been working in collaboration with some of the UK's top food bloggers as part of the 'Colour your Crêpe' campaign. The bloggers, such as Baking Martha, The Anna Edit and Littlegreenshed have been experimenting with Bonne Maman conserves, marmalades and Salted Caramel this month and have developed some mouthwatering creations which they have been sharing across their various platforms. Have a look at a few below...

Lavender & Lovage

Lavender & Lovage's sophisticated update on the traditional lemon and sugar crêpe with this Sweet Clementine & Bitter Orange Crêpes recipe is the perfect option for Pancake Day this year. Classic golden, lacy crêpes are served with warm sweet clementines in a bitter orange marmalade sauce, with the potential for a splash of Grand Marnier for a slightly boozy version.

Jane's Patisserie

Perhaps the most decadent of all the recipes from our bloggers is this Salted Caramel Cheesecake Crêpe - guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Using Bonne Maman Salted Caramel Spread there is no denying this is a luxurious option for Shrove Tuesday. We recommend this recipe by Jane's Patisserie as a delicious dessert choice for entertaining friends or family.


Lou Archell from Littlegreenshed has provided her own-take of Bonne Maman's Crêpes Traditionelle recipe. This savoury crêpe recipe combines Bonne Maman Fig Conserve with goats cheese and parma ham. It has been suggested best served as the 'perfect' weekend brunch option, perhaps with a glass of wine...


The Anna Edit used Bonne Maman's Almond Crêpes with Plums in Thyme and Blackcurrant Syrup recipe to recreate some special childhood memories she shared with her family on Pancake Day. This slightly more sophisticated recipe would work perfectly for an dinner-party dessert, either around Shrove Tuesday or anytime of the year!

We hope these recipes by our fantastic bloggers have inspired you to try something new and exciting for Pancake Day this year!

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