Deliciously Fruity Desserts...

Deliciously Fruity Desserts...

Our mousses are available in four delicious flavours - sweet Strawberry, zingy Rhubarb, vibrant Blackcurrant and the very latest, citrus Clementine. Each mousse offers a delectable combination of whipped cream, yoghurt and fruit, simply prepared with fresh, natural and high-quality ingredients making them the perfect after lunch or supper treat.

Have you spotted our wonderful Strawberry Mousse on your TV screens? Truly a classic combination of smooth, creamy mousse with lots of ripe and juicy strawberry pieces, these little pots of loveliness are just perfect for the British Summer season.

All four mousses are adorable additions to packed lunches, family picnics in the countryside or even for a day out at the beach.

Our mousses are available in packs of two from all major retailers, just look out for the red gingham in the chilled dessert aisle. Bon Appétit!

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