Fruits of the Forest

Jam is the traditional way to conserve soft fruit through the winter ….. so as the evenings draw in and the leaves begin to turn to russets and reds perhaps it is time to try some of our more Autumnal flavours.

At this time of year the darker, red fruits really come into their own. Packed with luscious ripe fruit are Wild Blueberry, Cherries & Berries and Blackcurrant Conserves. All lovely on toast or a croissant, of course, but also a great way to add a slightly more unusual dimension to a Victoria Sponge or similar cutting cake, mellow cheesecakes or to combine with citrus flavours.

Whilst a spoonful added to a meat casserole or a game gravy is also a simple but really effective way to add fruity richness and zing to the dish.

If you have a good harvest of blackberries and Autumn raspberries to hand, try this simple Berries & Conserve Meringue ….mix blackberries, blueberries & raspberries with your choice of Blackcurrant Conserve, Cherries & Berries Conserve and also a dash of citrus with Bonne Maman Apricot Conserve in a bowl. Then make a light meringue – 2 egg whites to 110g white sugar – by beating egg whites until stiff, then gradually adding the sugar while continuing to beat. Spread meringue over the fruity mixture and bake for an hour at 110 c / 225 F. Cool slightly before serving.

Strawberry Conserve is a favourite of many, but Strawberry & Wild Strawberry makes an interesting variant on the theme – as the wild, hedgerow strawberries add a subtle depth of flavour.


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