Getting Spooky

Ooooooogh..….. for some ghoulish good fun with the family this October half-term, get ready for a spooky Halloween with our creepy craft ideas and hauntingly delicious ‘Gooey Chocolate Orange Graveyard Pots’.

Ingredients: First make the Chocolate Orange Pots as per our main recipe. You will also then need some chocolate biscuits for crumbling, oval biscuits of choice and black designer icing for lettering.

Method: Pipe the letter R.I.P. near to the top of your oval shaped biscuits in black designer icing. Once dry, push this in to your pots to approximately half way to get the desired ‘graveyard’ effect.

Crumble your chocolate biscuits on the top, completely covering it in a layer of ‘mud’.

Only to be enjoyed once suitably dressed in Halloween outfits.

Set the scene at home or in the garden with our Halloween jars. You will need printed out black Halloween silhouettes (sized to fit your selected Bonne Maman jars) - we used A4 paper; spray mount or strong glue that works on glass plus some tea lights.

Method: Carefully cut around your preferred Halloween silhouettes. We chose an owl, crow and bat, but cats, witches, broomsticks and pumpkins work well too.

Spray the back/white side of your cut outs, then place sticky side down on the front of your jar.

Pop in a tea light, light it up – and get spooky! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek

Do submit these – or other Halloween craft and recipes ideas you make with Bonne Maman – to our Inspiration upload page - we would love to see them and you may be featured.


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