Introducing New Breakfast Compotes

Arriving in store just in time for temptingly fruity Easter breakfasts are Bonne Maman Breakfast Compotes; lighter and juicier than conserves, Bonne Maman Cherry, Apricot and Rhubarb Compotes are bursting with whole dark cherries, luscious pieces of apricot or chunks of subtly tart, yet sweet  rhubarb.

Bon Petit Déjeuner!

Made from the finest, ripe fruit to a traditional French recipe, Bonne Maman Compotes are an easy new way to add a delicious taste of summer to your breakfast all year round. Bringing a true touch of French savoir-faire to breakfast, the new compotes are delicious swirled through layers of granola and yoghurt; wonderful added to muesli or a perfect topping to a bowl of hot porridge or overnight soaked oats.

New Green Lids...

Look for the distinctive, new size 385 gm jars with green gingham lids beside  jams and marmalades. Available now in Sainsbury's nationwide plus Waitrose and Ocado through April. Furthest stockists from late Summer.

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