Introducing new Rhubarb Conserve

A summer favourite flavour is now available all year round with the introduction of our brand new Rhubarb Conserve. Arriving on shelf now in Sainsbury’s and Co-op.

As with all Bonne Maman conserves, made of just ripe rhubarb and some cane sugar, this is a delectably soft set conserve perfect for spreading on toast or croissants, topping scones or adding to summer bakes, such as our featured recipe Rhubarb and Pistachio Eton Mess Sundae. Hope you will try it and love it.

Did you know? Rheum Rhaponticum, to give rhubarb it’s scientific name (‘barbaric root’ in Latin), originates from China where it’s root has long been used as a herbal medicine to give a positive and balancing effect on the digestive system.

Rhubarb first started appearing in Europe during the seventeenth century and wasn’t introduced into France until the nineteenth century - and then thanks primarily to its popularity amongst Britons. As a very seasonal plant that doesn't like hot and dry climates, Britain was well placed to produce it in abundance and is still now a major producer of harvested rhubarb. Normally planted in the autumn and collected throughout spring, there is a particular British fondness for the early winter ‘forced’ slimmer and pinker rhubarb, for which West Yorkshire is world renowned.

Rhubarb is enjoying something of a kitchen renaissance. As well as being very refreshing in cold summer drinks, an increasingly popular compote choice for breakfast, and featuring in numerous desserts hot and cold, it is now also being used commercially in beer, wine and cheese.

Rhubarb about rhubarb? We would love to have a good rhubarb about rhubarb, so do hope you will try our latest new flavour and would love to hear your favourite stories, tips or recipes for using it - fresh, conserve or compote.


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