Joyeuses Pâques!

Nothing signals the arrival of spring quite like Easter, with the blossoming of sunny, yellow daffodils, fresh springtime weather and longer daylight hours, it’s the season to brighten up the home with some Easter decorations!

For the children...

Bonne Maman jars really are perfect for storing your day-to-day crafts and decorations; from appliquéd flowers, ribbons, and bows to mini painted eggs or little fluffy chicks! All can easily be stored throughout the year and brought out for the Easter Weekend. Children will love the fun of creating Easter cards, decorations and treats – all to be packed away again into their individual jars.

Swap in some mini chocolate eggs to the empty jars and use them as little gifts for the children…
For the table...

Easter is a great time to bring the sense (and scents) of the garden indoors! With the spring weather welcoming gorgeous daffodils, bluebells, tulips and many others, it’s the ideal time to display your favourite flowers in Bonne Maman jars. They are the perfect size for framing widows or table centrepieces, whether you have guests coming over for lunch or if you’re just having a spring refresh!

For the kitchen...

Of course in the kitchen, Bonne Maman jars make the perfect receptacles for raisins, nuts, seeds and the all-important Easter cake decorations. To really give that Easter baking an extra touch, create these simple and delicious flavoured sugars by placing cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods or lavender stalks in jars of sugar. This gives a wonderful, natural flavouring to the sugar and they’re the perfect additions to Easter showstoppers!

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