Madeleine Moments...

Madeleine Moments...

Made to a traditional French recipe with fresh eggs and butter, a Bonne Maman Madeleine is the perfect little treat for all the family at any time of the day. Whether enjoyed warm with a coffee in the morning, as a treat after lunch or with a cup of tea in the afternoon, these traditional French cakes, prettily shell-shaped, are simply delicious. Individually wrapped to conserve their delicious flavour and freshness, Madeleines are also ideal for picnics or as an after school ‘petit goûter’ for the children.

As Gallic as garlic or baguettes, there are many tales as to how the iconic madeleine first came about. Most agree, however, that in 1755, King Stanislas of Commercy was hosting a royal feast when his pastry chef threw down his apron and left. It would not be a feast without a delicious dessert so a young servant girl, using her family recipe, baked a batch of little golden sponge cakes. With these cakes being a great success with the guests,

King Stanislas decided to name these cakes after the young servant… Madeleine! His wife, Maria Leszczynska, introduced these delights to the Court of Versailles and they soon became a favourite throughout France.

Made with characteristic care and attention, Bonne Maman Madeleines are now capturing hearts here in Great Britain. As well as the original, classic La Madeleine pur Beurre, there three further varieties available; Madeleine with Milk Chocolate, Lemon Madeleine and Chocolate-filled Madeleine.

Did you Know?

If you have not already fallen in love with Madeleines then may we suggest the 25th May - officially St Madeleines Day – as a lovely day to pick up a bag and try them?

Bon Appétit!

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