New Bonne Maman Chutney

New Bonne Maman Chutney

New Bonne Maman Chutney in flavours Violet Fig with Shallot and Onion with Sichuan Pepper available now in Waitrose stores nationwide!

Sweet grilled onions blended with the lemony, tangy heat of Sichuan peppercorns. Have a jar of Onion & Sichuan Pepper Confit on hand at any barbecue. Its sweet tangy flavour will cut through the richness of lamb steaks off the grill, chilli veggie burgers or char-grilled tuna. Or pack a pot in a picnic basket to enjoy with wedges of pork pie or spread on sourdough sandwiches with sliced ripe tomatoes and avocado.

Dark, sticky and rich with the fragrant flavour of ripe, plump figs and light acidity of savoury shallots. Violet Fig & Shallot Confit packs a punch of fruity flavour with tangy Stilton or Lanark Blue cheeses. If you’re a fan of hot baked Camembert, drop a generous spoonful of this sticky confit into the centre and enjoy with warm ficelle and walnuts. The sweet-sour flavour of Violet Fig & Shallot would make a welcome addition to a simple supper of shepherd’s pie or relish it with your next crispy skinned piece of roast belly of pork.

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