On The Road with Bonne Maman

Toot Toot...

Bonne Maman is excited to be 'sur la route' once again this summer in two très chic Bonne Maman Estafettes which will be popping by food, garden and lifestyle shows all over Great Britain.

The pretty, vintage showcase for all things Bonne Maman will be inviting festival goers to come along, meet the team, sample delicious chilled desserts and find out the latest news from the brand. There will be a selection of Bonne Maman chilled dessert favourites such as Strawberry Mousse and Chocolate Mousse to try, along with newer introductions to the range such as Salted Caramel Crème, Coffee Crème or Vanilla Crème...

The first three events include RHS Cardiff (13th - 15th April), The Liverpool Food & Drink Festival (28th - 29th April), and The Foodies Festival in Brighton (5th-7th May). Keep an eye on the Bonne Maman Facebook page for news and dates of other festivals the Estafettes will be visiting...


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