Paddington Sandwiches Anyone?

As perhaps the World’s best known marmalade sandwich lover takes to the big screen again in Paddington 2, we thought it was time to highlight the fine art of making a Paddington sandwich and some of the other ways to enjoy delicious Bonne Maman marmalades.

Containing just ripe oranges, cane sugar, some lemon juice and a hint of pectin, Bonne Maman Bitter Orange and Mandarin marmalades are gorgeous at breakfast time, adding aromatic zing to sweet and sour sauces and glazes or perfect for adding a tangy twist to bakes.

Where does Paddington keep his marmalade sandwiches?

A great snack for kids of all ages, follow in Paddington’s footsteps with a hearty Orange Marmalade Sandwich… simply spread thick, fresh, white bread with butter and a generous serving of Bonne Maman Bitter Orange Marmalade, et voila!

For a quick, light dinner try Marmalade and Soy Chinese Chicken: Delicious strips of chicken breast smothered in Bonne Maman Bitter Orange Marmalade, soy and chicken stock, served with light boiled rice and Chinese vegetables. Or for those cold winter nights, Marmalade Crumbed Rack of Lamb roasted over baby veg with a delicious marmalade glaze, is sure to hit the spot.

Then for dessert finish off with luscious Hot Orange Sundae, a marmalade and Grand Marnier sauce drizzled over indulgent chocolate ice cream, or try a traditional sticky pudding with delectable Mandarin Marmalade sauce.

Under his hat, of course!

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