Fruit Yoghurts Win 'Best New Product'

Fruit Yoghurts Win 'Best New Product'

A big thanks to all the lovely Sainsbury's Magazine readers who voted Bonne Maman Fruit Yoghurts the 'Best New Product' for the Food & Drink Awards 2022. Merci!

Available in large pots, topped with the iconic red gingham, of course, the Fruit Yoghurts were recognised for their luxuriously creamy texture, intense fruit flavours and generous amount of juicy fruit pieces in every pot.

Truly gourmet Fruit Yoghurts, each of the four flavours - Rhubarb & Strawberry, Violet Fig, Morello Cherry, plus Raspberry & Blackberry - deliver a totally delicious treat at any time of the day, as well as sumptuous, quick and easy desserts; simply add a few spoonfuls into a favourite bowl and layer up with granola, nuts and seeds, or broken-up meringue pieces, then add extra fresh fruit, such as mixed berries or figs and enjoy! Délicieux!

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