Spring Roadshow

Spring Roadshow

Our adorable little vintage Renault Estafette vans are on the road again this Spring, showcasing everything the brand has to offer here in the UK and sampling lots of our delicious chilled desserts. Surely any day out is just that little bit more enjoyable with a taste of a delectable Milk Chocolate Crème, a creamy, light and fruity Strawberry Mousse or a luscious Crème Caramel?

Bonjour et bienvenue...

First stop is the Ideal Home Show – this year running alongside the Eat & Drink Festival – at Olympia, London from 11th to 27th March.

It is then off to the great outdoors for some of the UK’s prettiest Spring horticultural events. First of all, The Newbury Garden Show, Berks, on Easter Sunday and Monday, 17th and 18th April; then up North to The Harrogate Spring Show, Yorks, from 21st to 24th April as well as The Newark Garden Show, Lincs from 22nd to 24th April.

The team would love to see you so do come and say hello and try a scrumptious dessert...

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