The perfect Christmas gift sorted!

The ultimate stocking filler sorted with Bonne Maman's Breakfast Savoir-faire cookery book...

Offer your friends or family the opportunity to start their day the French way with over 30 brand new Bonne Maman breakfast recipes. The ‘Bonne Maman Breakfast Savoir-faire’ cookery book comes complete with mouth-watering photographs and easy to follow recipes, sure to tempt any food lover.

This perfect little Christmas gift is available in paperback on Amazon , Waterstones and Foyles bookstores for £9.99.

‘Bonne Maman Breakfast Savoir-faire’ makes the ideal gift for the festive season with enticing winter-warming recipes.

Such as...

Cosy Drinks - a decadent and luxurious treat to warm up those cold mornings.

Four different recipes for the most blissful hot milky drinks.

All made even more perfect when accompanied by croissants for breakfast or just as an indulgence at any time of the day!

Spiced berry compote with whipped brocciu - the ideal light breakfast to have before the big Christmas dinner.

Quick and simple to make at home, all you need is a whisk and a drop of vanilla to transform some soft fresh cheese into a completely new, luxuriously creamy ingredient.

That's Christmas, sorted...

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